Rep. TJ Cox remembers victims of Baku Pogroms, calls for closer U.S.-Artsakh ties

Congressman TJ Cox has remembered the victims of the 1990 Baku Pogroms and called for closer U.S.-Artsakh ties

“These 1990 pogroms were a continuation of a longstanding pattern of increasingly violent attacks against Armenians. During a week-long pogrom, Armenians in Baku were killed, tortured, robbed, and tens of thousands were forced to flee their homes to escape persecution, causing families to be uprooted and torn apart,” Rep. Cox said in a statement.

“The Azerbaijani leadership has yet to be held accountable for this violence against its Armenian civilians. Instead of condemning these atrocities of decades ago, the Aliyev government continues holding a militant policy against Armenians, especially within the region of Nagorno-Karabakh,” he added.

Congressman TJ Cox  called upon colleagues to join him in condemning this atrocity, strengthening the ties to the Republic of Artsakh, and holding Azerbaijan accountable for its actions.

“While we mourn the lives lost in this tragedy, it is imperative that we encourage Azerbaijan to acknowledge their past and that we press forward with the bipartisan Royce-Engel peace proposals,” he added.

“We must follow a principled U.S. policy—condemning violence and promoting peace—both by securing foreign aid to Nagorno-Karabakh and withholding financial and military support from Azerbaijan. I look forward to working with my colleagues on the Armenian Caucus to continue pushing policies promoting peace and human rights for Armenians and for all.,” the Congressman stated.

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