Donation bill with Andranik Ozanyan’s signature

The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute has published the photo of a bill published in the US at the end of 1919 by the Central Committee “Donation of Rescue” led by Andranik Ozanyan.

The bill bears the note “Prkutean hanganakutiun Hayastani karoteloc” (Donation of Rescue for Armenian needy people).

Catholicos Khrimyan Hayrik’s (Mkrtich Khrimyan) portrait is in the center, in the oval-shaped circle, on the half of the circled laural wreath is written “Hayrik” (Father).

 The US flag is on the right side of the picture and on the left side is the flag of the First Republic of Armenia.

The bill also bears the name of the donator, Stepan Soghomonyan, as well as the amount of donation -$100. The committee’s president Andranik Ozanyan’s and cashier K. Margaryan’s signatures are at the bottom of the bill.

In the right corner there is a picture of a needy Armenian family: a father, a mother and two children, one of them with outstretched hands begging money or bread. Armenia (with Ararat and Sipan Mountains and Lake of Van) is illustrated in the left corner.

Today marks the 155th birthday anniversary of Andranik Ozanian (Zoravar Andranik), a legendary Armenian military commander, statesman and key figure of the Armenian national liberation movement.

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