TCS World Travel: Uncover the relics of Armenia’s Old World

TCS World Travel offers to follow in the footsteps of great explorers and journey from the heart of Europe to fabled outposts on the legendary Silk Road. The company recommends travelers to visit the cultural capitals of Vienna and Budapest, discover Georgia’s wine country, explore Armenia, one of the world’s oldest countries.

“Nearly 3,000 years of history are on display in Armenia, where you will find everything from an ancient Greco-Roman temple and medieval monasteries to Soviet-era buildings crafted from pink volcanic stone,” the tour operator writes.

It offers to uncover the relics of Armenia’s Old World heritage and reminds that Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as its official state religion.

“Trace this spiritual legacy as you explore the world’s oldest cathedral and stunning medieval monasteries in the countryside. Travel even further back in time on a visit to a 2,000-year-old Hellenic temple and a tour of the archaeological collection of the National History Museum,” TCS World Travel advises.

Other destinations on the company’s Treasures of Eurasia list include Vienna (Austria), Sofia (Bulgaria), Tbilisi (Georgia), Bukhara (Uzbekistan), Baku (Azerbaijan), Montenegro and Budapest (Hungary).

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