Armenia attaches great importance to reinforcing nuclear security – FM

Armenia attaches great importance to reinforcing nuclear security both at national and international levels, Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan said in an address to the International Conference on Nuclear Security: Sustaining and Strengthening Efforts.

“As a strong supporter of the non-proliferation policies, Armenia reiterates its full compliance with the non-proliferation treaty and other relevant treaties, as well as IAEA safeguards agreements and additional protocol,” he stated.

“Recognizing that the responsibility for nuclear security within the Member state rests entirely with that State, we have always strongly supported the essential and leading role of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the international nuclear security framework and non-proliferation regime. The peaceful use of nuclear energy is of vital importance for my Government in terms of economic development and energy security,” the Foreign Minister added.

He noted that Armenia attaches great importance to reinforcing nuclear security both at national and international levels through the ratification and implementation of international legal instruments as well as the establishment of robust national legislation related to physical protection and security of Armenian NPP and nuclear materials and rules on physical protection of nuclear installations and nuclear materials.

“Armenia closely cooperates on a regular basis with the international partners with regard to all nuclear energy issues. Armenia is undertaking necessary measures to enhance and maintain nuclear and radiation safety. We greatly value the role of the IAEA and ongoing support to Armenia in ensuring the highest standards Security of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant,” Mnatsakanyan stated.  

In particular, he said, numerous IAEA’s on-site inspections and assessment missions have reaffirmed Armenia’s commitment in implementing its international obligations and the highest level of openness and transparency. “No any non-compliance or deviation from the requirements of international treaties has ever been recorded,” he noted.

“Armenia fully implements its international obligations under the UN Security Council Resolution 1540. The National Action Plan of Armenia for 2015-2020 outlines series of concrete steps ranging from reviewing already implemented national measures to the coordination of ongoing and anticipated activities,” Minister Mnatsakanyan added.

According to him, the Government of Armenia is continuously working with its international partners at bilateral and multilateral levels to further enhance its national capabilities in countering nuclear smuggling.

“We follow with deep concern the developments in our region, and, in particular, the situation with the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Actions on Iran’s nuclear program). The conclusion of JCPOA – a real achievement of multilateral diplomacy – provided world with a critical tool in reducing the risk of nuclear proliferation and we call upon all partners to honor their obligations under the JCPOA, to avoid taking steps that could lead to escalating tensions and do the utmost to preserve the agreement. Armenia welcomes all diplomatic and multilateral efforts to re-start the inclusive and open dialogue on the matter,” the Foreign Minister stated.

Responding to a speaker from Azerbaijan, Minister Mnatsakanyan said “flimsy and unjustified charges were made against Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.”

“The territory of the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh is under full and legitimate control of the Nagorno Karabakh authorities and nothing indicates to the contrary. NK authorities are open for international cooperation and at any time the Azeri allegations can be easily verified and proven as non-existent,” he stated.

The Foreign Minister reiterated Armenia’s strong commitment to our shared goals of nuclear disarmament, nuclear non-proliferation and peaceful use of nuclear energy and wish every success to the conference.

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