European Parliament to host conference on “Forgotten Refugees: What Happened to the Armenians of Baku?”

On February 5 the European Parliament will host a conference on “The Forgotten Refugees: What Happened to the Armenians of Baku?”

The conference organized by the European Armenian federation for Justice and Democracy (EAJD) will give an insight into the situation of the Armenian minority in Soviet Azerbaijan in the last months of the existence of the Soviet Union and into what became known as the Baku pogroms.

What happened to the 300.000 Armenians living in the Azerbaijani cities? How did the international community and the responsible international organizations react to their deportations? First and foremost, how did the eyewitnesses experience this and how did it impact their lives? What are the lessons learnt and not learnt vis-à-vis the Armenian refugees?

The conference will feature distinguished British humanitarian, Life Peer and former deputy speaker of the House of Lords the Baroness Caroline Cox, eye-witnesses such as the American-Armenian author, lawyer, human rights advocate Anna Astvatsaturian Turcotte and ULB lecturer David Babaev who survived the Baku pogroms as children and ended up in different corners of the world.

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