Armenian Army a solid pillar of pride and national dignity – President

The Armenian Army today is the living embodiment of national unity and unity, a solid pillar of our pride and national dignity, Armenian President Armen sarkissian said in a congratulatory address on Army Day.

“The Armenian army was born and formed in the heroic battles of our modern-day liberation struggle. it restored the glory and fame that the Armenian military had had from ancient imperial times until Sardarapat, until World War II, where the brave children of our people, from marshals, generals to soldiers, wrote their names in gold letters on the pages of the story of the Great Victory,” the president said.

“This year is the 75th anniversary of that victory, a victory in which our ancestors contributed the most, a victory in which more than 300,000 sons and daughters of our people sacrificed their lives,” he noted.

“I bow before the memory of our ancestors who died in World War II and extend my gratitude to the veterans who not only preserve the memory of victory but are a living lesson of history in their own experience and path,” the President continued.

Standing at the border today are their descendants, who continue their victorious course, passing on their battle traditions to the next generation, president Sarkissian said.

“The Armenian army today is the living embodiment of national unity and. It is a solid pillar of our pride and national dignity, around which a conscious and patriotic citizen is formed and educated,” the President stated.

“The army is each of us, and each of us is a relative of the army. The army is our family, because every family is in some way directly or indirectly connected to the army. The Army is our pride, one of our powerful victories,” he added.

According to Armen Sarkissian the army is our front and thanks to the Army we openly and courageously look forward to the eyes of our distant and close neighbors, our friends and adversaries, our acquaintances and strangers, with pride, and unity.

“In modern times, the army is also an impetus for the development of economics, science and professional capacity. The modern army means new thinking, new skills, higher quality education and science, new technologies, modern industry, including military industry, modern agriculture, food security, in short, a new economy,” the president said.

“Certainly, the state-of-the-art weapons are constantly being strengthened by the military-technical basis of our armed forces. But without human capital, that foundation cannot be fully solid. All our efforts, all of our thoughts should be directed to replenishing that capital spiritually, physically, economically, and raising it to a new level of quality,” he added.

According to him, the Armenian army gives us the most precious every day – a feeling of peace and security.”

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