“Yerevan-2800” silver collector coin wins 3rd place at international competition

The “Yerevan-2800” silver collector coin issued by the Central Bank of Armenia in 2018, won the third place place in the “Coin of the Year” nomination in the “Coin Constellation-2019” contest held in Russia.

“Coin Constellation-2019” accepted more than 220 coins issued in 2018, presented by 33 organizations from 22 countries. The winners of the contest were determined by the voting of the international jury. 

Collector coins are made of precious metals and are issued to present the national, international, historical and cultural, spiritual and other values of the country, to immortalize these values in the metal and to meet the demands of the numismatic market.

Like any other currency, the collector coins have face value which means they can be used as means of payment. However, the face value of these coins is much lower that their cost price which includes the cost of the precious metal used for manufacturing of the coin, mintage and other expenses.

Low face value and high cost price allow these coins to be considered as the items of collection and not the means of payment used in money circulation. The collector coins have also the sale price set by the Central Bank of Armenia.

As the items of collection the collector coins are issued in very restricted quantity and are never reissued.

Numismatists, collectors and all interested persons can buy the Armenian collector coins in the sales salon “Numismatist” in the building of the Central Bank of Armenia and is open for everyone.

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