Chinese football authorities to impose salary cap next season

The Chinese Football Association (CFA) on Wednesday unveiled a series of policies including a salary cap, hoping to improve its professional clubs’ financial health, Xinhua agency reports.

In a closed-door meeting with investing representatives of the Chinese Super League (CSL) clubs, CFA chairman Chen Xuyuan said they have decided to strictly impose the salary cap from next season following adequate discussion with the clubs.

According to the CFA policies, CSL local player will not be paid more than 10 million yuan RMB (1.45 million US dollars) before tax every year, bonus excluded, while the annual salary for any foreign player cannot surpass three million euro after tax.

During the meeting, CFA also decided to limit the overall spending of each club, ruling that no club will be allowed to spend more than 1.1 billion yuan RMB (159 million US dollars) next season, and its salary amount will not surpass 60 per cent of its overall spending.

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