Armenia’s President signs early retirement scheme for Constitutional Court judges into law

Armenia’s President Armen Sarkissian has signed the early retirement scheme  for Constitutional Court judges into law.

The amended Law on Constitutional Court offers judges who voluntarily step down before 31 January a monthly compensation equivalent to their current wage until their term was expected to end.

The President’s Administration says he has “thoroughly studied the Law on Amendments to the Constitutional Court, as well as the views of various political forces, public and political figures, legal scholars, mass media publications.”

The President has also heard the views of political factions, professional community and civil society during his meetings with them.

The opinions of international experts have been reviewed, international law practice and the expert opinion of the European Commission on Democracy through Law (Venice Commission) on the Law has been examined.

“The President signed the Law guided exclusively by national interests and emphasizing the importance of ensuring the normal functioning of the Constitutional Court,” the Administration said.  

The President has also welcomed the intention of the Government of the Republic of Armenia to form a Professional Committee on Constitutional Reforms, which would involve the President’s staff.

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