Washington Post: Passage of Armenian Genocide Resolution among “5 Most Undersold Political Stories of 2019”

The Washington Post has included the Armenian Genocide recognition by the US Congress in its list of “The 5 Most Undersold Political Stories of 2019.”

“After Turkey’s attacks on the United States’s Kurdish allies in Syria and its increasing flirtation with Russia, Congress for the first time mustered the will to declare Turkey’s treatment of the Armenians a century ago to be “genocide.” It did so after decades and decades of refusal. But it didn’t do so before the White House repeatedly held up the process, apparently owing to Trump’s desire to maintain relations with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. And the administration has now said the Senate’s declaration doesn’t reflect its stance,” the Washington Post writes.

“Trump is hardly the first president to avoid calling it genocide; in fact, he’s merely the latest in a long line to take such stances. Barack Obama said during his 2008 campaign that he would call it genocide, but he never did as president,”

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