First planetarium to open in Armenia in January 2020

The first planetarium in Armenia will open in Yerevan on January 1, 2020. It will feature films about the origins of the universe, the formation of stars and planets, as well as the development of astronautics and space technologies.

The project has been developed by the St. Petersburg Planetarium 1 team and leading planetarium designer Grigor Mashuryan.

The planetarium will have a screen of 14 meters in diameter and will accommodate up to 50 people. Viewer will sit on comfortable sacks, so that they can literally lie down and look at the starry sky.

“It is especially important nowadays for children to pursue technical specialties, which will help educate more engineers in our country who will shape the future development of Armenia,” Grigor Mashuryan says.

The planetarium in Yerevan will offer a brilliant educational program comprised of films created by the European Space Society and Planetarium 1.

The planetarium is also expected to host opera, symphony and jazz concerts, as well as official events and performances.

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