Small countries can still be powerful, Armenian President says

Small countries can still be powerful, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian said, addressing the prestigious Doha Forum.

Speaking about Armenia, President Sarkissian said “our country has privileges in the new world.”

“It is not only our millennia-old cultural heritage or our origins, but the fact that we value education, science and technology. We have succeeded, for example, in creating an educational and scientific system that we now export to developed countries like France, Germany, and the United Kingdom,” the President added.

“Armenia is a country that has a very clear advantage – we are a small nation and a state, but we are a global nation. The number of Armenians living in the world exceeds the number of Armenians in Armenia by four to five times. They are survivors — people who can change their lifestyle depending on the situation. They are good citizens of the countries they live in,” he continued.

According to President Sarkissian, the world is complex and polarized. “The world is so complex that we have to call it quantum. We need to understand how fast this new world is changing in line with latest technologies. This is a new world where the small can be both beautiful and strong. I want all the small countries to realize that they can be small but powerful.”

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