Armenian memorial desecrated in Bandol, France

A monument to French-Armenian friendship at square Bir Hakeim in Bandol has been covered with graffiti, Nouvelles d’Armenie reports.

The mayor and elected officials have condemned in the strongest terms this act that that “sullies the memory of the Armenians.”

“Armenia was the victim of a horrific genocide that claimed more than one million lives between 1915 and 1916. France recognized this genocide in 2001,” the municipal authorities, said, noting that a complaint will be filed.

According to the source, the memorial will be cleaned Saturday morning.  After this desecration, the municipal teams went around the cemeteries to make sure that no damage had occurred.

The editorial office of the Armenian Nouvelles d’Armenie newspaper in Paris and the Samuel Moorat Armenian College in Sevres were attacked earlier this year.

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