Judge orders Trump to pay $2m for misusing charity funds

A New York judge has ordered President Donald Trump to pay $2m for misusing funds from his charity to finance his 2016 political campaign, the BBC reports.

The Donald J Trump Foundation closed down in 2018, after prosecutors accused it of working as “little more than a chequebook” for Mr Trump’s interests.

Charities such as the one Mr Trump and his three eldest children headed cannot engage in politics, the judge ruled.

She said the money must be paid by Mr Trump himself.

“I direct Mr Trump to pay the $2,000,000, which would have gone to the Foundation if it were still in existence,” wrote Judge Saliann Scarpulla.

She said the money should go to eight charities Mr Trump has no relationship to.

Mr Trump “breached his fiduciary duty” by allowing funds raised for US veterans to be used for the Iowa primary election in 2016, she said in the settlement.

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