Armenia, Georgia launch joint Free Route Airspace

Armenia and Georgia have announced the launching of the joint Free Route (FRA) Airspace South Caucasus, which allows to operate flights above 195 flight levels (FL 195) round the clock under simplified Cross Border operation.

About 125 flights are expected to use the concept daily, with the number expected to reach 40,000 annually.

The process has been carried out through the joint efforts of the specialists of the Armenian Civil Aviation Committee, the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency, EUROCONTROL, ARMATS CJSC and SAKAERONAVIGATSIA Ltd.

As a result, 28,714 miles of flight paths, 3,872 minutes of flight time, 260,438 kg of fuel will be reduced annually, which, in turn, will contribute to environmental protection.

The Armenian Civil Aviaton Committee notes that not all European countries can boast a similar concept.

Free route airspace (FRA) is a specified volume of airspace in which users may freely plan a route between a defined entry and exit point.

FRA is a way of overcoming the aviation sector’s efficiency, capacity and environmental problems by helping reduce fuel consumption and emissions, while improving flight efficiency.

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