The future lies in AI and big data management, Armenian President says

The future lies in artificial intelligence, mathematical modeling and big data management, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian said in an address to the Global Innovation Forum in Yerevan.

“This forum will help us return to reality. We cannot only be proud of what we have achieved in the field of IT, as this is not the endpoint,” he said.

“We cannot deceive ourselves by saying that we are the only and the best. We are in competition with the whole world. There is only one way we can win this competition. It should become a national mission, a mission for all of us, a mission for all our friends, who believe in Armenia, who are ready to support us,” the President added.

 “We need to consolidate all our knowledge, know-how, our brilliant thoughts, whether it’s in the Silicon Valley, California, New York, or the University of Cambridge, France, Italy, or Russia. We have to work hard and be extremely disciplined as we compete with the best in the world,” he continued.

He urged not to be afraid of artificial intelligence, because there are several human features machines lack.  

“There ia a fundamental feature: machines are unable to make mistakes unlike us humans. However, making mistakes in an envitronmment where there are rules or laws is the only way to evolution,” President Sarkissian said.

Therefore, he said, the human feature of being erroneous, is a powerful tool. “There is no way in which artificial intelligence can overcome real intelligence,” he stated.

According to the President, throughout our history our people have proven that they can win in different spheres, and now new opportunities for progress are being created.

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