Serj Tankian: Availability of information at a second is like fast food data

One essential thing that must be highlighted is that not only governments but also the society should be aware of how to use technology to voice out their needs, System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian says.

 “There is a lot of dark side in what’s going on today in the digital world, part of which is the isolation that people feel, because you go on Facebook and there are friends, who are not really your friends,” Tankian said at a panel discussion within the framework of the WCIT 2019 Congress in Yerevan.

“There is also an issue of people feeling cornered. People feeling anonymity makes them think they can say whatever they want,” he said, adding that privacy is another issue.

“I remember my parents buy a set of encyclopedia, I was happy, as I did not have to go to the library to get information about things. For me it’s really important  to look things up and study them. In the contemporary world where every piece of information is available at a second, I feel people are simply diving into topics. They are not really embodying the knowledge, it’s like fast food data,”

“With the expansion of social media, some of the negative effects have created a world where we need a more localized subscription-based Internets, smaller communities exchanging interests and information on a much more honest basis, a much more intimate basis,” Tankian said.

According to him, there is addiction to certain parts of technology, which is very dangerous to human beings. “I’m addicted to it,” he said, voicing conviction that “we’re going to see an evolution in how these technologies are used.”  

Some technologies have evolved faster than us, Tankian says.  

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