Good to be back home: Alexis Ohanian arrives in Armenia

Reddit and Initialized Capital co-founder Alexis Ohanian has arrived in Armenia for the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) 2019.

“Good to be back home,” Alexis said upon his arrival at Zvartnots International Airport.

He said the Shakmat brandy was a dream come true, but he would like to get involved in Armenia more broadly and show the world all the most amazing things that come out of this country.

Speaking about the WCIT Congress, Ohanian said it’s a good chance to show all the things “Hayastan has to offer.”

“There are world-class talents, world-class developers here, who are able to build really great technology,” Alexis stated.

 Ohanian said his daughter Olympia knows a few words in Armenian, like “shnorhakal em” (thank you), “che” (no), “ayo” (yes).

“I regret that I did not learn Armenian when I was growing up,” he noted.

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