Armenia could liaise EAEU’s electric power market with energy system of Iran – PM

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan attended the opening of a two-day international conference entitled “The Transit Potential of the Eurasian Continent” in Yerevan.

The event was organized on the initiative of Prime Minister Pashinyan within the framework of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council session.

Addressing the event, PM Pashinyan said ” the development and diversification of the Eurasian transport infrastructure will ensure the growth of commodity turnover within the EAEU, as well as the export of goods to foreign markets.

He added that during its presidency of EAEU Armenia has made every effort to ensure positive dynamics of integration, tackle problems that may give an additional impetus to economic growth in the member countries.

“Historically, the Eurasian continent was a mosaic of trade, economic, cultural, and communication processes, in which Armenia played an important role, standing in the very center of trade links between East and West – the Great Silk Road. The rise of one of the ancient capitals of Armenia – Artashat, which was known as the Armenian Carthage, was also due to the location of the city on the aforementioned road,” Pashinyan said.

According to the Prime Minister, the signing of free trade agreements with Iran, Vietnam, China, Singapore, as well as the upcoming signing of the relevant Agreements with Serbia, Egypt and India and other countries, will not only strengthen the economic potential of the Union, ensuring its full integration into the global economy, but also expand the geography transport corridors and the transit potential of the continent.

“The Republic of Armenia, due to its special geographical location, is ready to make every effort to provide access to new markets, as well as the necessary infrastructure and logistics in the context of an inevitable increase in freight and passenger flows in the near future,” he noted.

“In addition to using the transit potential in the field of transport, Armenia can also become a kind of regional electric power hub to liaise EAEU’s electric power market with the energy system of Iran,” Nikol Pashinyan stated.

The forum addresses issues related to global transport and logistics systems, regional integration, digital transport and logistics. The forum seeks to create a platform for discussing the possibilities and prospects inherent in the Eurasian continent’s transit potential, identifying existing problems and bottlenecks, as well as finding mutually beneficial and relevant solutions for tapping the regional potential.

The leaders of EAEU-member states and partner countries will also attend the closing ceremony of the international forum. A declaration will be adopted at the end of the forum.

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