Austrian football stadium hosts forest

An Austrian football stadium has been transformed into a native central European forest, the BBC reports.

Designed by Klaus Littmann, the installation is a statement against climate change and deforestation.

Hosting almost 300 trees, the stadium hopes to attract wildlife during the seven weeks the installation is open.

It was inspired by a dystopian image of a world where nature could only be seen in designated spaces, like animals in zoos.

Littman stumbled on the drawing in 1970. It was called The Unending Attraction of Nature by Max Peintner.


Three decades later, the installation, which has been named For Forest – The Unending Attraction of Nature- has opened its doors.

Both artists worked around a vision of natural spaces only existing as objects in an exhibition.

Planted inside Wörthersee Football Stadium in Klagenfurt, which can hold up to 30,000 spectators, the forest is expected to change colour as autumn approaches.

The 299 trees were all brought in from nurseries and will live on after the project in a planting site near to the stadium, causing as little interference to nature as possible.

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