German slackliner walks mid-air in Armenian mountains

A professional German slackliner, Friedrich Kühne has posted a video of his stunning mid-air 320-meter walk between two power transmission towers in Armenia during 70 mph winds, Sputnik reports.

Kühne held a camera with his right hand for the entire stunt.

The spectacular video footage shows the daredevil walking on the slackline as he holds a camera in one hand while strong winds roar in his face. At different moments throughout the video Kühne almost falls.

As Kühne nears the finish of the stunning walk, he suddenly halts and begins to raise his right foot off the line. He next slowly brings his leg to his side and is able to hold it at a 90-degree angle for several seconds. 

According to Kühne, he climbed one of the towers and a friend climbed the opposite one so they could attach a slackline across the 1050-foot gap.

Scenic shots of beautiful Armenian countryside in the background were taken by a mixture of planted cameras and drones,. According to the self-proclaimed world-record highliner, he was driving through Armenia with a group of friends when he spotted the two massive towers and decided to perform the slackline walk.

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