Yerevan on CNN’s list of 20 most beautiful “must-visit” cities in Europe

Armenia’s capital Yerevan is on CNN’s list of most beautiful cities with not as many tourists as there should be.

“With a history going back more than 2,800 years, there’s a palpable sense of the past here, without the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds of regular tourist hotspots,” the CNN writes.

Its downtown area is a mix of Beaux Arts buildings and hulking, Soviet-era blocks, the article continues.

The authors advises visitors to take in the fascinating Apostolic Church and learn about the city’s history at Erebuni Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve, a site that dates back to 782 BCE.

The list also includes Orange (France), Norwich (England), Aarhus (Denmark), Antwerp (Belgium), The Hague (Netherlands), Sarajevo (Bosnia), Pristina (Kosovo), Malmo (Sweden), Aberdeen (Scotland), Bern (Switzerland), Wroclaw (Poland), Tbilisi (Georgia), Minsk (Belarus), Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Debrecen (Hungary), Ankara (Turkey), Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Trondheim (Norway) and Turin (Italy).

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