Armenia is a peace-loving country, and Army is the main guarantee of peace – PM

The Republic of Armenia is a peace-loving country, and the Armed Forces are the main guarantee of peace, Prime Minister Nikol Pashnyan said at the graduation ceremony of students of military-educational establishments.

“China’s military strategy says that talented generals win without war. This is the kind of peace we need. We need the kind of Armed Forces, state and society that will make all potential adversaries understand that waging war against us is senseless, that any war against us will result in the defeat of all our enemies and the triumph of the Republic of Armenia, its people and Armed Forces,” the Prime Minister said.

 “Irrespective of the uniform we wear, all of us are soldiers devoted to that victory, and any of us from the front lines to the National Assembly and Government buildings should serve this mission,” Nikol Pashinyan stated.

“Long Live the Republic of Armenia, long live the Armenian Armed Forces, long live the Republic of Artsakh, long live the Armenian people, and glory to our martyrs, officers and soldiers, glory to our generations that will carry on the honor of our victories,” the Prime Minister concluded.

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