Armenia resolute to reinforce its agenda for “smart” development – Deputy PM

The Armenian Government is resolute to reinforce its agenda for “smart” development, with a strong focus on good governance and the policies of embracing national talent as the drivers for development, Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan said at a  High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in New York titled “Empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality.”

“Advancing sustainable development with particular emphasis on information and communication technologies, amplifying the growth of start-ups, fostering innovation and investing in young people’s skills and entrepreneurship are amongthe strategic priorities of the Government of Armenia, having embraced the bottom up dynamics and successful examples of business and impact investment initiatives,” Avinyan said.

“We are willing to build on the existing positive record of cooperation and support for the advancement of “smart development” as a strategic priority for action in our domestic agenda, as well as internationally,” the Deputy Prime Minister added.

He announced that Armenia will host the 23rd World Congress on Information Technologies later this year, which will bring together prominent industry leaders, policy makers, thinkers and innovators to debate on the key questions facing the industry and the world, such as issues related to artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, impact of ICT in education, women in technology and many other issues of global interest.

He extended an invitation to all relevant stakeholders to participate and contribute to this very important conversation, which will take place in Yerevan on 6-9 October.

The Deputy PM noted that as a middle-income country and a landlocked developing country, which is located in one of the most seismically active regions of the world, Armenia is well familiar with the risk of environmental challenges, natural disasters and their impact on human societies.

“Recognizing the cross cutting nature of environmental and economic issues, the Government of the Republic of Armenia emphasizes the importance of the integration of economic and environmental policies. It is our firm conviction that the best economic decisions are made when the environmental aspects have been carefully taken into consideration,” Tigran Avinyan noted.

He emphasized the  “very positive record of cooperation” that Armenia has developed in implementing programmes for energy efficiency and climate smart technologies, towards a low-emission and climate-resilient pathway for sustainable development. 

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