Armenia… Where Europe ends or rather starts: Armenian Ambassador’s article in the Diplomatic World

An article by H.E. Tatoul Markarian, Armenia’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, has been published in the prestigious Diplomatic World magazine.

In the article titled “Armenia… Where Europe Ends or rather Starts,” the Ambassador briefly presents the millennia-long history of the first Christian nation, the latest developments in the country’s domestic political, public and cultural developments.

“Ancient history, rich culture and a striking nature! It is not enough to say that Armenia and Armenians are ancient, but one should say that Armenians are one of the oldest civilizations inhabiting our planet, with a history that dates back to the ancient Kingdom of Urartu, that existed in IX-VI centuries BCE,” Amb. Markarian wrote.

“Truly, the year 301 marked the adoption of Christianity as a nation, thus Armenia becoming the first country to adopt it as a state religion. One century later − in the year 405 the Armenian alphabet was created by Armenian linguist and ecclesiastical leader Mesrop Mashtots. Even though the spoken language, which belongs to the Indo-European family, had existed for many centuries, the invention of the Alphabet was a truly revolutionary event in the history of the Armenian people,” he continued.

Tatoul Markarian  said “with its rich culture, history and economy Armenia is a difficult topic to exhaust.”

“The best way to learn about it would be visiting the country itself, discovering by one’s own eyes its ancient history and vibrant culture and experiencing first-hand the hospitality of its people, and enjoying its delicious food. Armenia is surely a rewarding experience!” he concluded.  

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