Historic buildings in Western Armenia being destroyed by treasure hunters

Armenian historic buildings in Bagin district of the Alacakaya town in Turkey’s Elazıg (Kharberd) province are being looted by treasure hunters, quotes Turkish sources as saying.

According to the source, the 600-year-old settlement faces the threat of complete destruction. The district is home to two Armenian and one Muslin neighborhoods, as well as a number of caves, churches, mills and graves.

The buildings in this large mountainous area have managed to survive, preserving their historical characteristics. However, no scientific studies have been carried out in the area to date.

The historic buildings that have withstood a number of natural disasters are now being destroyed by treasure hunters. They  not only destroy history, but also open 600-year-old graves in a hope to find precious metals like gold.

People living in neighboring villages appeal to relevant authorities, asking to take the historic buildings under protection and pass them on to the coming generations.

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