Israeli Foreign Ministry shares video about Armenians in Haifa

A video shared on the official Twitter page of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs sheds light on the life of the Armenian community in Haifa.

The Armenian community in Israel consists of over 11 thousand people, many of them live in Haifa, where they continue to maintain their culture, language, customs and their social religious heritage.

“We were the first community in the world to accept Christianity in 301 CE, when our nation collectively converted to Christianity,” says Dirayr Sahak Hovakimyan, Pastor of the Armenian Church in Haifa.

Later, he says, Armenians came to Israel, the Holy Land. “By the year 400 we already had places and land in Jerusalem.”

He says more Armenians fled to Israel after the genocide of 1915 and following the collapse of the Soviet Union many Armenians married to Jews also left for Israel.

“The Armenian language is very important to us, if you do not keep your language, of you do not observe your customs, do not go to church, do not pray, and do not participate in any activity, it does not mean you are an Armenian,”  the Pastor says.

Al-Khuri Street is one of the main streets in Wadi Nisnas neighborhood of Haifa. It has several schools and churches, including Armenian ones.

“Here is where every Armenian comes, meets, learns the Armenian language and celebrates all of the Christian and national traditions and holidays,” says Yerem Lapadjian, Director of the Armenian Club in Haifa.

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