Yerevan among top 10 cities for tech career opportunities

Online business technology magazine Enterprise Times has listed Armenia’s capital Yerevan among the top 10 cities offering best tech career opportunities.

According to author John Marcarian, “research shows that by 2025, the need for programmers in Armenia will have tripled to 30,000.”

“This is largely due to the ever-increasing innovation in their tech sector. A sector that is growing at an annual rate of 20% and shows no signs of slowing down. If you haven’t previous considered a move to the country previously, it’s worth considering,” the article reads.

The magazine notes that the cost of living is very low, crime rates are low and culture is in abundance. Currently the main speaking languages are Armenian & Russian but the English language is becoming more and more popular.

The list also includes San Francisco, New York, Singapore, Melbourne, London, Stockholm, Bangalore and Toronto.

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