Armenian PM resigns in a bid to trigger early elections

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has announced his resignation  The decision aims to trigger early parliamentary elections, which the Prime minister wants to hold in December.

The Prime Minister announced the resignation in a televised address on Public TV.

Pashinyan said the decision to step down is not an attempt to avoid the responsibility he has undertaken, but rather an effort to finish the non-violent, velvet, popular revolution by holding snap parliamentary elections and thus returning the whole power to the people.

“The roadmap for reaching extraordinary parliamentary elections is as follows: after my resignation, the President of the Republic immediately accepts the resignation of the government and the National Assembly does not elect Prime Minister twice in the next 14 days. As a result the Parliament gets dissolved and the President sets snap parliamentary elections,” the Prime Minister stated.

He said the government and the Prime Minister will continue to perform their duties.

Nikol Pashinyan wished success to all political forces in the parliamentary elections and pledged that the government will ensure the free expression of people’s will in the polls.

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