Aznavour’s work has crossed time and borders, UNESCO chief says



“We are losing a legendary artist, internationally renowned and a great friend of UNESCO,”  UNESCO Director-General, Audrey Azoulay said following the death of Charles Aznavour.

“It is with deep emotion that we have learned of the passing of Charles Aznavour. In addition to being a legendary artist recognized throughout the world, he was a great friend of UNESCO. His work, as extraordinary as it is popular with several generations, has crossed time and borders. A generous and committed artist, he was famous for his songs, which will continue to live in us for a long time to come, not to mention his outstanding performances in movies by prominent filmmakers,” Audrey Azoulay

“Beyond this unique and universal work, Charles Aznavour was singularly committed to society. We notably remember his mobilization following the terrible earthquake, which struck Armenia in 1988. Tireless ambassador of Armenia, he was nominated Ambassador and Permanent Delegate for UNESCO in 1995. He has always been a great friend of UNESCO, defender of the humanist values of our Organization, of cultural diversity and the importance of educating young people as a bulwark against prejudice,” the UNESCO chief said.

“Charles Aznavour had also made the promotion of the Francophonie one of his priorities. We were looking forward to seeing him in Yerevan next week at the Francophonie Summit,” he said.

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