Armenia’s Prime Minister says will resign

Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said he will resign after the decisions on dismissing the Ministers and Governors representing ARF Dashnaktsutyun and Prosperous Armenia Parties comes into force.

The developments follow the National Assembly’s approval of amendments to the Rules of Procedure, that would essentially make it impossible for Pashinian to dismiss the parliament and call a new election.

The President of the Republic now has 21 days to sign the bill into law or apply to the Constitutional Court to dispute its constitutionality.

Therefore, the Prime Minister called on President Armen Sarkissian not to sign the law and refer it to the Constitutional Court.

Explaining the reasons of the resignation, Pashinyan said “first, no one should think I cling to the Prime Minister’s seat.”

He further explained that the Parliament will have seven days to elect new Prime Minister. Should it fail to do so, it will have to hold another vote in seven days.

“If the National Assembly fails to elect new Prime Minister after a second attempt, this will lead to early parliamentary elections,” Nikol Pashinyan told supporters at the rally.

According to Constitution, the Prime Minister will continue to perform his duties until a new Parliament is elected.

After the rally Nikol Pashinyan headed for the National assembly to hold talks with political forces.

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