The interpretation of how politics traditionally works should be updated, Armenia’s President says

President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian believes “our interpretation of how politics traditionally works should be updated to reflect the way that physics has been reimagined.”

The classical world of post-Newtonian physics was linear, predictable, even deterministic. By contrast, the quantum world is highly uncertain and interconnected and can change depending on the position of the observer.

“A lot of things in our lives have quantum behaviour. We are living through a dynamic process of change,” Mr. Sarkissian said in an interview with the Financial Times.

According to the source, Mr Sarkissian has been studying this phenomenon in practice and in theory. Since being elected president in March, he has tried to calm political turmoil in Armenia. He is also one of the very few heads of state to be a theoretical physicist.

“I think we have to look at our world in a completely different way,” he added.

“Armenia is a small state and a global nation,” Mr Sarkissian said. “Those living in California can see what is happening in their beloved country and react. This is another example of a new quantum quality.”

Although he has been testing his theory to explain these political dynamics, Mr Sarkissian is still searching for a solution as to how best to manage them. However, as a scientist, he still strongly supports the force of reason, evidence and established truth.

“You have to lead by your example and vision and ideas,” he says.

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