Armenia’s mission in Syria to be “purely humanitarian”

Armenia will be carrying out a purely humanitarian mission in Syria, Spokesman for the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs told reporters today.

The Armenia mission will deliver mine-clearance and medical services in different parts of Syria, mostly the Armenian-populated areas.

“We’ll also have people who will ensure the security of those carrying out humanitarian mission,” Balayan said, adding that there can be no question about involvement in military actions.

He said it will be a mission under the Armenian flag upon the invitation of the Syrian Government and will fully comply with the letter and spirit of international law.

Addressing the UN General Assembly, Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said “we have a truly global nation with hundreds of communities all around the world.”“Hence comes the sensitivity of Armenia to the global threats that may put our fellow Armenians at risk in different parts of the world,” he said.

Noting that the sizable Armenian community in Syria faces an existential threat from the ongoing crisis, he said Armenia has tried to contribute through dispatching humanitarian assistance to most vulnerable regions.

“We stand ready to enhance Armenia’s humanitarian mission aimed at meeting the most pressing needs of our community in Syria. As a nation that has passed through the horrors of Genocide, Armenians have higher security consciousness when it comes to our fellow people and are ready to do their utmost for their protection,” the Prime Minister stated.

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