A delegation from Alfortville, France, visits Artsakh

On September 25, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Artsakh Masis Mayilian received the delegation of the French city of Alfortville, which had established friendly relations with Berdzor town of Artsakh. The delegation is headed by Mayor of Alfortville Michel Gerchinovitz.

Masis Mayilyan welcomed the visit of members of the delegation who arrived in Artsakh to re-sign the declaration of friendship between Berdzor and Alferville, which, in his opinion, is a confirmation of the commitment of the parties to deepening and expanding friendly relations and establishing cooperation in various fields.

The Foreign Minister expressed gratitude for the efforts of the Alfortville municipal authorities aimed at strengthening  co-operation with Berdzor and raising awareness about Artsakh, noting in this context the ‘Days of Artsakh in Alforville’ Festival recently held in France.

During the meeting Masis Mailyan presented foreign policy priorities of Artsakh, touching upon the progress achieved in the process of international recognition of Artsakh and in the establishment of decentralized cooperation. The head of the Foreign Ministry stressed the importance of establishing and expanding the geography of cooperation with foreign countries at various levels in order to counteract the consistent policy of isolation carried out by Azerbaijan against Artsakh. In this context, he noted that by trying to isolate Artsakh in every possible way, Azerbaijan seeks to create a favorable ground for unleashing a new aggression that will threaten not only the two Armenian republics, but the whole region.

In turn, Mayor of the city Michel Zhershinovich confirmed the willingness of the municipal authorities of Alfoverville to deepen and expand cooperation with Berdzor in the field of culture, sport, education and local self-government, noting that the delegation’s visit to Artsakh is an additional reason for discussing and planning further steps to develop bilateral relations.

The sides also exchanged views on the prospects of implementing practical programs and on a range of issues of mutual interest.

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