Relations between Armenia, Russia based on friendship and respect – Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a congratulatory message to Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on the occasion of Armenia’s Independence Day.

“Dear Nikol Vovayevich,

Please, accept my sincere congratulations on the occasion of Armenia’s National Holiday – Independence Day. The relations between our countries are based on good traditions of friendship, mutual respect and spiritual closeness.

I am confident that with joint efforts we will be able to ensure the future development of allied relations and multilateral cooperation, as well as partnership in the sidelines of Eurasian integration processes. This is undoubtedly in the interests of the peoples of Russian and Armenia and is for the benefit of the strengthening of regional security and stability.

Dear Nikol Vovayevich, I wish you good health and every success, as well as welfare and prosperity – to all your compatriots.”

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