PM invited investors to participate in Armenia’s economic flight

Armenia’s Prime Minister invites all investors to participate in the flight the country is preparing for. Addressing a meeting with members of Movement of the Enterprises of France (MEDEF), the Prime Minister said the “the velvet revolution in Armenia will be useless, if not followed by an economic one.”

“In this sense, this is indeed the most important stage of our revolution, and we must ensure an economic breakthrough for the Republic of Armenia,” he stated.

He said there are only two rules in place for those engaged in economic activity – the activity should be in full compliance with law and taxes should be evaded.

Referring to the government’s economic outlook, Nikol Pashinyan said “the executive’s goal is to turn Armenia from agrarian country into a high-tech country.”

“And this is not just an ambition because those who know Armenia know that there is a great human resource for such a structure and all prerequisites are there,” he said.

The Prime Minister added that the IT sector in Armenia is dynamically developing, and a number of companies have expressed interest in launching activity in the country.

“We invite all investors to participate in the flight the Republic of Armenia is preparing for,” Pashinyan said.

He reiterated the government’s willingness to solve all issues through an open, frank and honest dialogue, because, he said “the success of any economic activity is the success of the Armenian Government, the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian people.”

The Prime Minister assured that those engaged in economic activity will not have competitors in the Armenian government, as “those engaged in business should not be engaged in politics, and those engaged in politics should not be engaged in business.”

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