Armenian-Catholic church condemns US sanctions on Iran

Armenian-Catholic church in Tehran has issued a statement condemning US officials’ claims that minorities’ rights in Iran are violated as ‘biased’, expressing the Iranian Christians’ concern over the US sanctions, Mehr News Agency reports.

“Catholic Armenians, in line with the international community, express their concern over the imposition of new sanctions that affect all Iranians, including religious minorities,” the statement issued on Monday by the Armenian-Catholic church in Tehran reads.

The members of the Catholic Armenian community of Iran will be affected by the cruel US sanctions against the country, like their fellow Iranians, the statement adds.

The statement emphasizes that the claims made by some US officials saying that rights of religious minorities are violated and there is a lack of freedom to perform religious rites are ‘biased and unfounded’.

It adds that in Iran Catholic Armenians freely express their religious beliefs and perform their religious rites.

It also condemns the opportunistic US approach to the rights of minorities in Iran, while the rights of people of color in their own country are violated.

The statement, at the end, calls for peace and co-existence among the followers of different religions as a demand from God, along with preserving the country’s independence and peace for all.

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