Jewellery manufacturer Stuller awards Armenian students $75,000 in scholarships

U.S.-based jewellery manufacturer Stuller is offering its support to Armenian students pursuing education in computer-aided design (CAD). Teaming up with École de gemmologie de Montréal (EGM), the company has granted $75,000 in scholarships to 15 such students, giving each individual approximately $5000, Jewellery Business reports.

“Armenians are renowned as master jewellers and hardworking people,” said Matt Stuller, the manufacturer’s founder. “We’re pleased to support young Armenians and help them enter the very exciting and inviting jewellery business.”

The scholarships fund students’ classes in 3D design, which will run for five days before moving to an online format. It will be possible for attendees to specialize in either design or manufacturing.

“Our aspiring students, who chose the best country in the world to immigrate to, are here to lead peaceful lives and create a better future, filled with opportunities,” said Pierre Akkelian, chair of the Armenian Jewelers Foundation (AJF) and president and co-founder of Canadian Gem.

Akkelian played a crucial role in partnering Stuller with the selected students, as well as creating partnerships with sponsors.

“[The students] don’t have the financial resources for specialized education, but they’ve come to Canada with a desire to enhance their knowledge, learn a specialized craft, and contribute to the Canadian economy,” he said.

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