Alexis Ohanian educates wife Serena Williams on “Armenian goodbye”

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian wants “Armenian Twitter” to educate his wife Serena Williams on “Armenian goodbye.”

The remark comes in response to a tweet by Serena Williams: “Maj Pet peeve when you say bye to someone on the phone and 10 mins later they are still talking and you are still trying to say bye. 2 people come to mind.”

Alexis explains that it is the “scientifically-proven” “Armenian Goodbye” and attaches a link explaining the expression.

“An “Armenian goodbye” is when a group of Armenian friends or family are saying goodbye to each other, but it takes a very long time. These friends or family might even go around and say goodbye to the same person twice or three times before actually leaving. This process can take such a long time because everyone keeps having more conversations as they are saying their goodbye’s,” the Urban Dictionary defines.

It further explains that “in a situation where friends or family are taking a long time to say goodbye, you might say, “This is such an Armenian goodbye.”

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