Aram Manukian statue unveiled in Yerevan

A statue to statement and politician Aram Manukian was unveiled in Yerevan today.

Addressing the ceremony, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan hailed Aram Manukian as the “greatest apostle of our history,” because, he said, “he was born to was born to fulfill a great mission and eventually fulfilled it.”

“It was truly a great mission to find a victory under storms of defeat, to find hope in a flood of despair, to find strength when it seems that your wings are weakened, when it seems that your knees are bent, and your backbone is broke,” Pashinyan said.

The Prime Minister said, “Aram Manukyan fully fulfilled his mission.” He never lived for himself, for his family and relatives. He lived for his people and struggled and won for his people.”

Pashinyan added that all officials and citizens of the Republic of Armenia have the mission of being worthy to Aram Manukian’s virtue, worthy to his mission to have the right to look Aram Manukian in the eyes when passing by the statue and say that we are the masters of his mission, his work is not incomplete, that his victory is alive, and the Armenian people is a winner forever,” added Pashinyan.


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