Armenian ex-President’s nephew wanted by National Security Service

The Armenian National Security Service (NSS) has released footage of search at Armenian ex-President Serzh Sargsyan’s nephew Narek Sargsyan’s house.

The Secutity Service says Narek Sargsyan, 31, left for Moscow on June 22 with an intention to leave for some European country. Before leaving the country Sargsyan handed the keys from his house on Aram Street to his close friend Serob Sahakyan and asked the latter to move two suitcases from the house. Sahakyan and his accomplice Vladimir Shahinyan were detained on June 25 when leaving the house.

The Security Service says the suitcases contained cocaine and methamphetamine drugs, four guns, bullets, unknown tablets glass and plastic pipes with black and white traces, other items, most served for drug use. The revealed weapons were sent for expertise to reveal whether they were used in other crimes.

Furthermore, the NSS said back in 2013 Narek Sargsyan took 14 of Martiros Saryan’s drawings worth $280 thousand from a relative of the painter, promising to pay $28 thousand, establish a casino with the remaining funds and sponsor its activity. Sargsyan failed to fulfill his promise and refused to return the paintings.

Under a criminal case initiated according to Paragraph 1 of Article 178.3 of the Armenian Criminal Code, on July 4, a search was carried out at the place of Narek Sargsyan’s registration. The NSS found the seized drawings, as well as $115 thousand and 27 thousand euros, expensive watches, a number of gold coins and jewelry.

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