Turkish translation of Meline Anumyan’s book on trials of Young Turks published in Istanbul

The Turkish translation of Meline Anumyan’s book titled “Acknowledgment and Condemnation: The Trails of Young Turks in 1919-1921 and 1926” has been published in Istanbul, reports.

The book translated into Turkish by Tiran Lokmagyozyan will be put on sale in Turkish bookstores the near future and will be distributed to libraries.

The monograph was first published in Yerevan in 2013 by the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute. In 2017 the English version was published by the printing house of the Armenian Cathilicosate of the Great House of Cilicia.

Expert of Turkish studies Meline Anumyan works at Public Radio of Armenia as editor of the Turkish programs and as senior researcher at the Research Center on Western Armenian Studies.

The book provides a detailed analysis of the political atmosphere in Turkey during the months following World War First, reference to the deportation and killing of Armenians in the Ottoman press and the bicameral Parliament, the trials of Young Turks in 1919-1920 and the criminal cases heard in Turkish military tribunals.

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