Rule of law and human rights should be strictly respected in the fight against corruption, Armenian PM says

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held a consultation with representatives of law enforcement authorities to discuss the fight against corruption.

“Today, the fight against corruption is the most discussed issue in Armenia, and the law enforcement authorities are taking serious measures in this direction. It is natural because the fight against corruption has been one of my government’s priorities. We must strictly adhere to lawfulness and the respect for human rights to prevent any misinterpretation of law enforcers’ activities. As we ushered in the anti-corruption campaign, we simultaneously turned the page of political persecutions and political prisoners in Armenia,” the Prime Minister said.

It is important to ensure that the law enforcement agencies’ operations do not give rise to misinterpretations. It is crucial for us to agree upon a common format of action. Firstly, we need to make sure that the anticorruption fight will be continued, and that the process will be more efficacious, proceeding from the respect for human rights, legality and public interest,” Nikol Pashinyan emphasized.

The representatives of law enforcement agencies reported back the ongoing activities and the steps to be taken in the fight against corruption. Reference was made to the need for enhancing the effectiveness of cooperation between different law enforcement agencies.

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