Artsakh forces repel Azerbaijani infiltration attempt

The Azerbaijani forces undertook an infiltration attempt at about 21:45 on June 14 in the direction of the Artsakh defense positions located in the eastern direction, Artsakh Defense Ministry informs.

The advancement of the six-member groups of servicemen of Azerbaijani special forces was repelled as a result of the measures taken by the front divisions of the Defense Army.

The rival violated the ceasefire about 150 times at the line of contact between the armed forces of Artsakh and Azerbaijan, firing more than 1,500 shots in the direction of the Armenian positions.

The Azerbaijani forces also continued the mobilization of armaments and military equipment in a number of sections of the line of contact.

The Artsakh forces keep the situation all along the lien of contact and take retaliatory measures if necessary.

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