Library of Congress to host 22nd Vardanants Day Armenian lecture

On June 26, international scholars will take part in “New Topics in Armenian History and Culture,” a conference exploring the linguistic, artistic, social and musical history of Armenia, Library of Congress reports.

The event is part of the Library of Congress’ 22nd Vardanants Day Armenian lecture series.

The Vardanants Day lecture series was created to explore and present all aspects of Armenian culture and history. It is named after the Armenian holiday that commemorates the battle of Avarayr (451 A.D.), which was waged by the Armenian General Vardan Mamikonian and his compatriots against invading Persian troops who were attempting to reimpose Zoroastrianism on the Christian state. Though a religious holiday, it also celebrates the Armenians’ secular triumph over forces of assimilation.

“New Topics in Armenian History and Culture”  is being presented to coincide with the 2018 Smithsonian Folklife Festival, which will highlight Armenia and Catalonia.The scholars’ presentations will go beyond discussion of Armenia as a nation to explore the ancient culture of the Armenian people, many of whom live outside the Republic of Armenia in a global diaspora, including the United States. The scholars participating in this program, whose research spanned the globe in archives and libraries including the Library of Congress, have contributed to the story of those who claim Armenian descent.

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