Armenia showcased at Czech Photo Center

The Czech Photo Center is showcasing the photography of Josef Bosák in a show called Piece of Armenian Soul. The show runs until Aug. 12, Prague TV reports.

Bosák visits Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh  every year, and the show Piece of Armenian Soul conveys some of what he has experienced on his travels. The exhibition uses photographs of elderly people as well as young people and children to trace Armenia’s troubled history. There are images of people at work, at home, at play, and at a local dilapidated hospital.

“The mountainous Armenian landscape, marked by a troubled history and the suffering of its people through the decisions of politicians and relentless conflicts between Christians and Muslims, has become the author’s great focus. Despite all the injustice committed against the local population, Bosák says the native Armenians remain very friendly people with a great sense of hospitality,” the description of the exhibition states.

Bosák began taking photographs in 2003. In 2007, he visited Armenia and began to focus on capturing the human form and social journalism.

During a recent visit, he was an eyewitness to political events where the leader of anti-government protests, Nikol Pashinyan, became prime minister.

He visited the Karabakh Hospital numerous times over three years.

Visitors to the Czech Photo Centre’s small hall can view the Every Tuesday exhibition until July 1. The photos cover a range of topics from body image to sports to familial relations.

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