Any law-breaker should be held accountable, Republican Party says

The Republican Party of Armenia has issued a statement, noting that any law-breaker should be held accountable.

“With deep sorrow and anger, we watched the video presented by the National Security Service. It’s hard to believe that this is a reality. We are astonished and angry that in our reality anything like this is possible in general, especially by a general who actively participated in the Artsakh liberation war. This is unacceptable and disgusting,” the statement reads.

The statement comes after the National Security Service released a video of a search at areas to belonging to MP Manvel Grigoryan.

The Republican said that “if charges against Manvel Grigoryan, must be held accountable by law.”

“Anyone who violates the law irrespective of what position he holds, whether he is a party member or not, whether he is a National Assembly Member or not, must be held accountable by law,” the party said, adding that “this is a blow to our people’s moral values and the noble idea of defending the motherland.’’

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