Artsakh President convenes consultations on domestic political situation

On 4 June Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan convoked a consultation with the participation of government members and heads of various state bodies and discussed the domestic political situation in the country.

The President noted that the incident that took place in the evening of June 1 in Stepanakert has been condemned by the state, qualified as unacceptable and received legal assessment.

“The investigation will be unconditionally conducted in strict accordance with the letter and spirit of the law, with the maximum degree of transparency, with the society being regularly informed about the process. All the perpetrators will be held accountable according to the procedures established by the law”, mentioned Bako Sahakyan in his speech.

The President underlined that such incidents as well as their politicization and various speculations were unacceptable in our country being pregnant with the danger of splitting the society.

“In this context I would like to specifically appeal to our people relying on their wisdom, their ability to navigate in complex situations, to show sobriety and a comprehensive balanced approach, to make right decisions, display caring and compassionate attitude towards significant issues. The inner stability, unity and cohesion, keeping the state bases steadfast, consistent enhancement of the country’s security and defense capacity, ensuring the peaceful conditions of our citizens’ work and life, solution of important social and economic issues aimed at improving the people’s living conditions are exclusive values for us”, stressed Bako Sahakyan.

According to the President, the authorities and public administration circles are obliged to show the highest degree of responsibility for the solution of the existing problems realizing principled, consistent and diligent work in this direction.

Protesters in Stepanakert are demanding resignation of Police and National Security Service chiefs after a group of representatives of the NSS special forces beat two citizens in downtown Stepanakert.

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