Armenian PM on “velvet revolution,” Russia and Facebook

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan describes the recent developments in Armenia as “return of power to people.”

“It was a change of power under the pressure of the public, as well as a “velvet” popular revolution without violence. All processes, including my election as Prime Minister took place in line with the Constitution,” Pashinyan said in an interview with Deutsche Welle.

The Prime Minister said it was not a “color revolution,” because such change of power envisages a huge geopolitical context, while in case of Armenia it was a domestic process inside the country.”

“It is an issue of national dignity and for me – an issue of personal dignity. I don’t think anyone from the outside should decide domestic problems in Armenia,” Pahsinyan said.

The Prime Minister stressed that Armenia will keep developing relations with Russia, the European Union, the United States, Iran and Georgia.

Nikol Pashinyan said that as an alternative means of communication Facebook played an important role in the “revolution” and was an effective channel of information flows.

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