Turkey’s hints on normalization of relations with Armenia formal




Armenian lawmakers have left for Turkey for a meeting of the Black See Economic Cooperation organization. The delegation comprises Gagik Minasyan (Republican faction), Vahe Enfiajyan (Tsarukyan Alliance) and Gevorg Gorgisyan (Yelk bloc).

The meeting of Parliament Speakers and lawmakers is taking place a day after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan referred to relations with Armenia in an address at the Chatham House.

Erdogan emphasized that they support all initiatives for permanent peace, development and prosperity in the Caucasus and Central Asia.

“Armenia is the only country lacking in this picture. We are looking forward to the day when the leadership of that country will demonstrate a reasonable approach and a clearer vision,” Erdogan stated.

Agos editor Pakrat Estukyan is confident that the Turkish authorities have no intention to improve relations with Armenia. According to him, the statements are formal and will not be followed by steps.

“They will not benefit from establishing ties with Armenia. By taking the step Turkey will have problems with ‘brotherly’ Azerbaijan,” Estukyan told Public Radio of Armenia.

According to him, any step toward normalization is even more unlikely ahead of forthcoming elections.

Expert in Turkish studies Hayk Gabrielyan shares the opinion that the statements from Turkey are baseless. Besides, he calls attention to the fact that the Turkish President and Prime Minister were quick to respond to Armenian PM’s call to normalize relations without preconditions, while it was not the case after ex-President Serzh  Sargsyan’s statements from the UN podium.

“On one hand, Turkey refrains from burning the bridges and leaves the door open to Armenia’s new authorities, but continues to speak in a language of unclear preconditions,” he said.

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